An overview of the course 

TAAS ‘Pre-master’s is designed to provide a breadth of concepts and solutions for potential postgraduate (Pg) students. Upon completion, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours (KSBs) required to study at a master’s level. It provides both theoretical and practical learning experiences for the development of manager-level KSBs for Pg students and strategic managers alike.

This Programme aims to increase your engagement and awareness in scholarly activities and more importantly provide opportunities for knowledge application through management simulations and real- world case studies. There will be a strong emphasis on active and participative education, which will include practical work-based learning, problem-based learning, and (formative) group work to develop analysis, synthesis, and decision-making abilities while stimulating creative thinking and application. During the Programme, there will be opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and gain an understanding of the principles and practice of strategic management and effective leadership in an organisation. Also, to better understand the strategic link of an organisation to corporate objectives, with the impact of risk management, ethical approaches including issues of sustainability and technological advancement, legislative concerns, and the challenges of leading a cross-cultural team.

Course content will be delivered based on current and future practice and use real-life case studies and peer-reviewed and academic sources. In line with the TAAS ethos, our Programmes content and assessment outline recognises the inclusivity and diversity of our global audience. Our delivery team are highly experienced academics and industry experts; they are well-equipped to provide students with both theoretical and practical experience. At the end of the Programme, you will be able to develop relevant KSBs required for your Pg learning journey and beyond